The Nose: Welcome To The 'Land Of Steady Habits'

Oct 21, 2011

Is Connecticut funny? Is Connecticut anything?

In 1992, film-maker Ken Simon made a documentary attempting to probe the identity of the state. He interviewed a range of "experts," including me. The title of this documentary? "Between Boston and New York."

That tells you something. Even a painstaking attempt to pin down what Connecticut is winds up bowing to all the things Connecticut ain't.  There's a somewhat rude anatomical term for this. I'm not going to use it.

Maybe what's funny about Connecticut is that very lack of specifics. A Connecticut person tends not to be seized by a specific geographical ethos. He's adrift.

Mike Reiss grew up in Bristol, but, inexplicably, he chose to leave. He wound up working in TV comedy, most notably with "The Simpsons." He's back in the state as a playwright. He joins us on The Nose, today.

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