The Nose: We Will Binge Watch Television Until We Die

Jul 12, 2013

Over the last ten years, one of the hottest trends in television has been the 13-episode story arc, with each of the first 12 ending in cliffhangers and question marks.

Right on the heels of that came binge watching, which amounts to blowing past the stop sign of each cliff hanger and instantly moving onto the next episode.

It can be intensely gratifying even if it involves a trip down a rabbit hole. If you've ever had a a co-worker -- I'm not going to mention names (Jeff Cohen) -- who was binge watching Battlestar Galactica every night, you noticed after awhile that he starts seeing the entire world in the colors of that show and explaining workplace issues in terms of Starbuck, Apollo and President Laura Roslin. So say we all.

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