The Nose Walks Out on Its Own Show

Aug 29, 2014

Credit rasputin243 / Creative Commons

What would Aristotle say about knees and seat backs? There's a device you can buy that makes it impossible for the person sitting in front of you on an airplane flight to recline. That's caused at least one fight during a mid-air flight that we know about. Is using this device going too far? Or is the lack of space in the first place the real problem?

Also, internet trolls are like death and taxes - guaranteed to exist for as long as humans do. But does that mean that we should just roll over and allow them to do whatever they like? Is it time to finally stand up to the trolls, and if we do, aren't we just as bad as they are?

Credit Clemens v Vogelsang / Flickr Creative Commons

Finally, if you're watching a play - or any live performance for that matter - is it ever okay to get out of your seat (providing the person in front of you hasn't bought a device that reclines so much that you can't get out of yours) and walk out?

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