The Nose: Twinkies May Go Bye-Bye - So Don't Be A Sore Loser

Nov 16, 2012

On this critical day in the life of American pseudo-food, I am again reminded if a tour I took in the 1980s with Zippy the Pinhead creator Bill Griffith. We visited in a Hostess factory in the Greater Boston area. We saw Twinkies being made.

The visit was slightly harder to arrange than a tour of Area 51 would have been. Hostess was very suspicious about having a journalist and a cartoonist prowling around. We were closely monitored. Actually Bill helped them out whe he saw a set of protective ear plugs sitting in a vat of Hostess dough.  By the time we left, we had charmed tem and they showered us with parting gifts including some kind of snack cake that was not yet on the market. Driving home, I was a little tired. I pulled over on the Mass Pike. Got half a cup of coffee and two of those experimental cakes. I felt like I wouldn't need sleep for three days.  You can e-mail us your comments: colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.