The Nose: Touchy Words And Nail Polish For Boys

Apr 15, 2011

You look around. You see the strides. We have a gay mayor in Hartford. He had some problems last week explaining the financial arrangements of his spouse. He didn't have any problems explaining that his spouse is a man. Our state comptroller is a man married to another man. They have a son. As far as I could tell, it just wasn't a campaign issue. I could cite a half a dozen more examples of leaps toward tolerance, but they're all a little deceptive. Gay people still get beaten up and even killed by people who don't participate in that climate of tolerance. In London this week, two gay men were kicked out of a pub for kissing.

That's why a lot of people think Kobe Bryant should have been punished in a way that matters for the way he used an anti-gay epithet on the court. The man takes a helicopter to work. A fine of $100,000 is going to hurt him.

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