The Nose: Selfies at Funerals and Other Assorted Opportunists

Nov 1, 2013

Wolfie Selfie
Credit Chion Wolf


On today's Nose we're stuffed into the facade of the XL Center in Hartford on Trumbull Street. Come on over and join the live audience.

We got interested in funeral Selfies, the practice more common than you might think among young people taking smart phone pictures of themselves at a funeral or memorial service.  You can well imagine our first reaction. Is there any basis on which this practice is defensible.

We're always interested in public relations disasters, and this week they happened to Senator Rand Paul, in an odd case of plagiarism, Jay-Z , caught in a collaboration with Barney's. The upscale clothing store. Another public relations disaster is brewing a few blocks from where we sit as civil rights attorney Gloria Allred sets up yet  another  UConn press conference today. All this and more.

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  • James Hanley is the co-founder of Cinestudio at Trinity College
  • Jim Chapdelaine is a producer and musician
  • Carolyn Paine is an actor, dancer, and choreographer