The Nose: Scandals, Dumb Tweets, & Medical Marijuana In Connecticut

Apr 27, 2012

Some weeks are inexplicably more scandalous than others.

This week began with a probe into millions of dollars in apparent bribes by Walmart officials in Mexico. And sitting alongside it was the slime spreading across the reputation of the Secret Service as more reports of strippers and club hijinks trickled in from all over the globe.

If that wasn't enough, the trial began in the case of John Edwards -- not for being a creep, but fo allegations of campaign finance law violations. Most of us have already convicted him on that former charge. And then there's the Chinese wiretapping and murder-by-poison scandal,  the most labyrinthine and lurid of the four.

We'll talk through all of them today on The Nose and discuss the controversy over racist Tweets by Boston Bruins fans. And just when that starts to seem dark and negative, we'll endorse some things we really like.

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