The Nose is (Really) Not Racist

Nov 15, 2013

We can all get along.
Credit SteveGatto2 / Creative Commons

Here's the plan for The Nose today. We'll begin with a widely discussed column by Richard Cohen of The Washington Post who took an odd detour from a discussion of Chris Christie's national electoral profile and suggested that conventionally-minded people have to repress a gag reflex when confronted with the sight of an inter-racial couple, specifically the new first family of New York City. 

We'll marry that to the story of a conservative white man who won an election in Houston apparently by convincing the district's heavily black voting population that he was one of them without ever actually lying about it. 

We'll also tie in a story about a white separatist who found out on television that, genetically-speaking,  he has a little black in him.  

In our second segment, we'll talk about a story from the New York Times about the effort to preserve, but keep from the public, the pink suit worn by Jacqueline Kennedy on the day of her husband's assassination. 


  • Elizabeth Keifer is a professor of English at Tunxis Community College
  • James Hanley is the co-founder of Cinestudio at Trinity College
  • Luis Figueroa is an Associate Professor of History at Trinity College