The Nose: Politicking Post-Irene; Cheney's New Memoir; Obama's Bungle

Sep 2, 2011

One pitfall a leader must avoid involves becoming a Charlie Brown or David Copperfield character. A person to whom things happen as opposed to a person who makes things befall others. 

President Obama has seemed, of late, a big Copperfieldian. Not sure whether he is the protagonist of his own story. And once the pebbles start sliding that way, they can easily look like a landslide. Each new occurrence seems like the confirmation of a pattern. This week, he tried to schedule a major speech about jobs in the hall of the House. It was the night of a GOP debate, so the leadership turned him down. He wound up getting pushed to the next night, the opening of the NFL season, which means he has to give the speech early so as to avoid the kickoff. He'll be lucky if he's not accompanied by Terry Bradshaw and a telestrator, diagramming the ways the manufacturing sector has to rebound by buttonhooking over the middle. Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.