The Nose: Pie-ings & Bruce Barber's 'Project Basket'

Jul 22, 2011

The winds of life can change abruptly.

Go back about six weeks, and Rupert Murdoch's media empire looks indomitable. Now it's slowly rolling in the water like a half-dead sea mammal.

 The inimitable Christopher Hitchens wrote: "There was something almost bizarrely therapeutic about this week's 'hearings,' with the old lion looking querulous and baffled and burned out: at once involved with a crouching-tiger wife who was young enough to be his daughter, and a female editor who appeared to be the daughter he never had. But where was the great issue of state: the trigger of pride and jingoism and swashbuckling empire-building? "

 You could say the same thing about our space program.

 Somehow, without a casually detectable change of course, we of the mighty U.S. went from one of the two super-powers of space to a befuddled David Copperfield figure, dependent on the good and bad behavior of others and seemingly unable to author our own lives.

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