The Nose On 'Ozark' And Sam Shepard

Aug 4, 2017

Netflix has marketed its new series "Ozark" as " 'Breaking Bad' plus Jason Bateman," which might make you picture... a funnier version of "Breaking Bad"? "Ozark" is not a funnier version of "Breaking Bad." If anything, it's a bleaker version of "Breaking Bad." And maybe even a more bingeable version of "Breaking Bad"? The Nose might just have an answer to that question.

And then: Sam Shepard starred in movies like The Right Stuff and Days of Heaven and Black Hawk Down. He wrote and directed dozens of plays, winning a record-setting ten Obie awards and the 1979 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Buried Child. News of Shepard's death broke on Sunday. He was 73.


  • Susan Campbell - Author of the upcoming Searching for the American Dream in Frog Hollow
  • Rebecca Castellani - Entertainment director at Bridge Street Live in Canton, Conn.
  • Rich Hollant - Principal and design director at CO:LAB

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.