The Nose Outlines Its Outrage With Chappelle, Line Cutters, And Always Following The Rules

Come on, you must be outraged about something! These are the headlines: "Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World." "Dave Chappelle's Hate-On For Hartford Called 'Sad,' 'Asinine.'" "No Exception For Newington Veteran Being Evicted For Smoking." 

Does it ever feel like somebody just WANTS you to get mad? Today on the Nose we'll talk about outrage based on notions of privilege, race and rebellion. Some of these stories have been reported or even staged in a manner that overplays their outrageousness.  Later in show, we talk about something a tiny bit more pleasing: The long strange Mennonite beards being grown by Boston Red Sox players this season.   You can join the conversation. Email colin@wnpr.org, tweet us @wnprcolin, or leave your comments below. 


  • Irene Papoulis - Professor, Trinity College
  • Theresa Cramer - Editor, Writer
  • Rand Cooper - Writer, Food Critic