The Nose: Obama's Stressed, Bachmann's Praying & Dobbin's Ombudsmaning!

Jul 15, 2011

Here are links to a few of the topics discussed on today's episode of The Nose:

Irene Papoulis says the press uses a lot of loaded language right now to juice up the notion that President Obama is about to blow his stack. Obama kept his cool through Friday's press conference, but the panel talked about the way his constantly-checked temper is sort of a nuclear option.

Marcus Bachmann's gay "reparation" therapy was a topic all week. The panel tackled the question of whether some of the humor at Bachmann's expense was fair and whether it's OK for gay people to make a deal about Bachmann's purported mincing and lisping.

Wait. Colin finds Tyler Kitsch attractive. Does that mean he's ...? Actually, the Emmy nominations gave Colin one last chance to bid farewell to his beloved FNL.

When we vote on what kind of movie theater seats we want ("we" being conventioneers who will never come back to Hartford) is it one of those post-modern let the audience finish it deals (like New Yorker cartoons where we write the captions)? Or just a publicity stunt? Is there a difference? 

Lastly, Josh Dobbin issued his one-man tribunal verdict on the Reh Dogg mess.