The Nose: Obama Supports Gay Marriage, While Romney Accused Of Bullying

May 11, 2012

Maybe we all live in the United States of Cranbrook.

By that, I mean that we're all faced with choices, all the time, about how much we're going to stand up for the people getting the short end of the stick - whether they're poor, of color, gay or elderly.

If that's true, then last week's hero was, for me, Joe Biden.

He's often a figure of fun, but last week at our Universal Cranbrook, Biden was the guy who spoke out, just the way all the guys who assisted Mitt Romney in the haircutting incident now say they wish they had spoken out. "He probably got out a little bit over his skis, but out of generosity and spirit,” President Obama said about Biden.
Isn't that we're looking for? Leaders who are driven more by generosity and spirit than by calculation about what it takes to placate various stakeholders? There something about President Obama's role in this story tat makes me a little sad. But we'll say more after the news.

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