The Colin McEnroe Show
4:37 pm
Fri December 21, 2012

The Nose: NRA Weighs In On Newtown Massacre

One of the verbal melodies that sustained me during the past year was the notion that people can be divided into two camps: those who think they're living in a comedy and those who think they dwell in a drama.

It's a useful -- to me, anyway -- means of understanding certain people and certain moments. I usually belong to the group that sees life as a comedy. For the past seven days that, of course, has been impossible.   But today is the first time I've felt any trace of sunniness. I think this morning's remarkable all-music Where We Live was a big help. And so, in an odd way, was the bizarre performance given later in the morning by Wayne Lapierre of the NRA. With a week to prepare, Lapierre and his group scheduled a defiant, divisive, self-imploding press conference on the morning of our national moment of silence. As sad as this moment may be, I feel the gods of comedy taking over some of life's puppet strings.  You can join the conversation. E-mail or Tweet us @wnprcolin.

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