The Nose: The New Busway, Chasing Doctor Clinics, And The Facebook IPO Drama

May 25, 2012

I'm convinced that people in Connecticut really hate and fear mass transit, which is why mass transit in this state is stuck the era of Don Draper from Mad Men. The way people react to the Hartford/New Britain busway project is basically the way Gollum reacts when he's tied up with Elvish ropes: "It burns! It burns! We hates it!"

There are lots of reasons why now, getting into the game very late, Connecticut is going to face a lot of extra challenges. One of them is that development has followed no particular logic.

One of the things we'll talk about on The Nose today is the way your next doctor's appointment could be anywhere. You don't know where your doctor works, because she could be almost anywhere on any given day. How do you feel about that? Do you miss seeing a doctor with an actual office, where there are familiar staff members who work just for that doctor?

All of that, plus the Facebook IPO is on our docket today.

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