The Nose: Men Behaving Badly, Remembering Davy Jones, And Connect...icans?

Mar 2, 2012

It was not a week in which men distinguished themselves. Rush Limbaugh attacked a woman college student in unforgivable language. Ticket executive Donald Vaccaro triggered multiple crises with his outburst at a Hartford party. A deputy commissioner in the Malloy administration lost his job after an anonymous menacing phone call to a conservative woman activist. And to top it all off, conservative prankster Andrew Breibart dropped dead in Los Angeles. Several prominent liberal writers announced, in pretty visceral language, that they were glad he was dead. they mocked him, less tan 24 hours after his death. It was the kind of tasteless, graceless behavior one would associate with... Well...Andrew Breitbart, who did pretty much the same thing when Ted Kennedy died. But that doesn't make it right.

Today on the Nose, we'll try to be better than that.

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