The Nose Is Looking to Hire Jill Abramson

May 16, 2014

Jill Abramson at the JFK 50th Justice for All Leading with Diversity in a Global Economy discussion. Photograph taken January 18, 2012 at Alice Tully Hall.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

You'd think that the New York Times, after covering so many sackings, would know how to fire its own editor without having it become one of the biggest, ugliest stories of the week. On today's show, we'll explore the presumption that the Great Gray Lady is run by sexist pork faces.

Also, the curious case of the Jay-Z/Solange Knowles elevator scuffle, and how it was dealt with via Instagram. Why do we care, and what better way should they have handled it? What if, instead of posting photos, Solange and Beyonce sat across Barbara Walters, who is retiring?

Graduation season is upon us, and commencement speakers are cancelling when students and faculty protest their appearances. What's the harm in letting them speak? Or is it right to bow to the reactions of those attending? How does this connect with issues of free speech and vigorous debate? How do colleges and universities form their policies about who may speak at graduation?

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