The Nose Leaves Connecticut to Get Over Donald Sterling

May 2, 2014

This hour on The Nose, we lead off with a Gallup poll in which Connecticut ranked second, just a tick behind Illinois, as one of the states people are most eager to leave. Half of the Connecticut people polled said they'd like to move out.

Now, it would be a mistake to ascribe this to any one thing. Property taxes, job market, unfriendly people, dormant cities, and cold weather all play a role, but I can't help but wonder whether Connecticut temperament itself also plays a role. People from Wisconsin would be less likely to say a bad word about the place, even if they had all their belongings packed. That's just now how they talk about life.

Later in the show, if you're not all talked out about Donald Sterling, our panel has a few angles on the story that few people have taken. Will Oprah hand over millions to an apparent racist, just to buy his team? That doesn't seem right.

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  • Theresa Cramer is a writer and the editor of E-Content Magazine, where she covers the world of digital media.
  • Luis Figueroa is an associate professor of history at Trinity College.
  • Matthew Warshauer is a Professor of History at Central Connecticut State University, and board member of Connecticut Humanities.