The Nose Has a Master's Degree in Being Caught On Tape

Apr 25, 2014

Anthropology Professor James Boster at UConn, says "Praise Darwin" after arguing with Creationists.
Credit YouTube

This was a week when Connecticut professors got rambunctious, when pine tar was discovered in places it shouldn't have been, and when President Obama played soccer with a robot. I can't guarantee which of these things will make its way onto our weekly pop culture roundtable, The Nose, except definitely the professors.

This one from UConn mocked and challenged the arguments of a creationist, and this one from Eastern was caught railing against Republicans, calling them "racist, misogynistic, money-grubbing people" and saying colleges will close if the GOP takes over the Senate.

In Nevada, a different kind of public declamation was on the menu, as a rancher named Cliven Bundy became first a hero to some conservatives, and then a spewer of 19th century racist attitudes that nobody wanted any part of.

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