The Nose Hacks Jeopardy!, Inspects Reality TV, and Flinches at Russian Controversies

Feb 7, 2014

Credit akk_rus, Flickr Creative Commons

While tying together all the stories for today's session of the Nose, I keep hearing (in my mind) Charlie Seen say, "Winning!" We have a lot of stories about how people who try to win, often by following the logic of a game out to its extremes.

Arthur Chu has made himself the most controversial Jeopardy champion ever by applying game theory to, well, a game. His strategies seem to violate some unwritten code for the game show. Rachel Fredrickson shocked fans of The Biggest Loser by losing 60 percent of her weight and dropping to an unhealthily low Body Mass Index. One female contestant on the Bachelor has been rebuked for sleeping with the Bachelor way too early, also violating a set of rules that are not in plain sight. And then there's Sochi. How did a place so wrong win the right to host the Olympics.

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