The Nose Goes Shirtless

This week's New York City primaries featured a an intern-groper, a Scrabble harasser, a hooker user and, of course, a Weiner tweeter. And guess what? All of them lost!   

We all love Breaking Bad, but will we love the spin-off?
Credit Bludgeoner86 on Flickr Creative Commons

And a continent away, the Filner Headlocker got out of the mayor's office too.

So does that mean that pervy politicians are experiencing a temporary lull? We talk about that  on The Nose, our weekly culture roundtable.

And we fix our gazes on New York City itself and its legendary perviness, which may be in decline as Bloomberg era gentrification converts the old seediness into something a lot more tony and a lot less affordable.

In our second segment we use the occasion of a Breaking Bad spinoff to discuss, in general, the wisdom or folly of spinoffs in general. And Putin takes to the New York Times Op-Ed page to lecture us. Are there perils to offering him that space? 

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