The Nose Goes to New Haven to Sniff Out the Poopetrator

Oct 11, 2013

Credit Vox Efx / Wikimedia Commons

We're in New Haven today, and The Nose, our weekly culture panel, wants to talk about the hazards of 3D movies and the increasingly competitive world of Halloween costumes. And because we're in New Haven, we'll turn our attention to a couple of prominent stories down here. One of them -- not for the squeamish -- is the Poopetrator, a laundry prankster who has created such a national stir that even the official account for Clorox bleach is tweeting about him.

The other is New Haven's flagging women's tennis tournament, which will apparently be owned by you, the taxpayer, in a matter of weeks. Does ownership of a sport event -- and not a very successful one at that -- make sense in terms of the mission of government?

All of that and a few more topics, plus your calls and the endorsements from our panel.


  • Jose Candelario - Comedian
  • Bruce Barber - Weekend/Evening Host, WNPR
  • Binnie Klein - Host, A Minature World, WPKN

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