The Nose: Fall Guys, Women Comics & How Yoga Clothes Can't Shrug 'Atlas'

Nov 18, 2011

What will big business head honchos learn from the fall of CL&P's Jeff Butler? Maybe they'll learn not to be the face of the company during a big disaster.

Somebody talked Butler into handling CL&P's press briefings personally, even though the company has a whole staff of mouthpieces on call to do just that.

It may have been a symmetry issue. Gov. Dan Malloy was representing the state in those briefings. So it didn't look right to send out some VP for customer relations.

But when you talk in these situations, you'd better be good at it. You can't afford a Joe Paterno stumble like the one where he talked about "the kids who were victims or whatever they want to say."

You can't, as Butler did, try to blame some of your own mistakes on weather forecasters or give a weird interview when you shouldn't be talking at all, as former coach Jerry Sandusky did to Bob Costas.

Today on the show, we talk about fall guys, self-defense, women comics and more.

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