The Nose Faked Its Own Wedding to Avoid Death

Aug 22, 2014

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Presidents and their vacations are a chronic paradox. The job is way too hard and pressure-laden to do without occasional breaks. The job is also so important, that breaks always seem a little self-indulgent, and they're barely even breaks. The nuclear football is never far from the basketball hoop, and all the other duties of office follow you right onto the sailboat. President Obama taking some heat right now for playing golf while on vacation, right after processing and speaking about the tragic murder of James Foley. This is a little bit about a presidential vacation, and a little bit about this particular president, who frequently stands accused of having a peculiarly icy set of emotional reactions.

Also this week, we learned about a man who faked his own death to avoid his wedding, about a Cinderella breast trend in which women get saline injections that last 24 hours, and about movie theaters in China where patrons can text right up onto the screen.

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