The Nose: "Eastwooding," RNC 2012, And Will.i.am On Mars

Aug 31, 2012

One of the basic rules of showbiz is that you don't overshadow the star.

Clint Eastwood is an entertainer, so you'd think he'd know that, but last night in Tampa, by the time he wrapped up his 11-minute rambling presentation -- delivered mostly to an empty chair in which, he pretended, Barack Obama sat mouthing horrible profanities at him, Eastwood had successfully made himself a bigger story than Mitt Romney was ever going to be on the night Romney accepted the nomination.  Even someone, like me, with no plans to vote for Romney, had to feel a little sorry for him. His convention started with a hurricane and a massive distraction named Todd Akin. It ended juxtaposed with a moment so bizarre that it's likely to stay permanently lodged in American collective memory.  On the Nose today, we'll process this and a few other Tampa memories.  Leave your comments below, e-mail colin@wnpr.org or Tweet us @wnprcolin.