The Nose Does the Guilt Pose, Spoils Superbowl Commercials, and Survives Anxiety

Jan 31, 2014

Credit Gamma Man, Flickr Creative Commons

Today on the Nose, we'll discuss one of those eruptions that happen in the digital world -- a frenzy of discussion and expressions of outrage over an essay on the site xojane, by a writer who tried to describe her reactions, as a skinny white woman, to the way she thought a heavyset back woman was reacting to her in yoga class.

This piece kicked a a minefield of tripwires and has occasioned an explanatory piece by the editor who assigned the Jen Caron essay (and who turns out to be African-American) and a lengthy denunciation of Caron by an African -American xojane writer. And that's just the stuff that that happened on the site.
We'll try to shift this over onto a larger conversation about Scott Stossel's Atlantic essay about anxiety and about whether young people care as much about magazines as they do about links and sites.

What didn't we talk about? The sneak peek of this adorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrable Super Bowl commercial.

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  • Carolyn Paine is an actor, dancer, and choreographer.
  • Irene Papoulis teaches in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric at Trinity College.
  • Rand Cooper is an author, essayist, and  restaurant critic for the New York Times.