The Nose: A Debate Takes An Odd Turn; Connecticut Poised To Dump Death Penalty

Apr 6, 2012

I don't look forward to political debates. There are too many of them. They reveal far too little. And nothing interesting ever happens.

Except last night. Five Democratic hopefuls seeking the US Senate nomination debated under the auspices of WVIT or ... NBC30 ... or whatever we're supposed to call it.

Present was one candidate I had absolutely never heard of, Matthew Oakes, a big guy who tends to choke up when talking about high education and other wonky topics.

Oakes is a quirky first time candidate with some peculiar debating habits, but his thunder was stolen by Lee Whitnum, a fringe politician with a history of anti-Zionist statements. By the end of the evening she had referred to Congressman Chris Murphy as "whore" and state legislator William Tong as "ignorant" and "a zealot."

Today on The Nose we ask, when can we have these fun people back for another debate?

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