The Nose: Connecticut Is 'Still Revolutionary', Donna Summer Dies & Endorsements

May 18, 2012

Donna Summer would have been a great pop singer in any era, but she happened to come of age in disco. 

I'd go further than that and say that Donna, because she was a first class talent, lifted disco up out of what it had been -- a swamp of backbeats and heavy production -- and almost single-handedly said: This can be great music if somebody great sings it.

The reason "Last Dance" is part of the soundtrack of your life is that it really is that rare thing: a great vocalist coming together with a good song and the right production concept. And long after disco fell into dishonor, long after that Maoist Cultural Revolution in which people gathered for mass burnings of Bee Gee records, that song and much of Summer's other work persists.

Today on The Nose, we'll say a few last words about Donna Summer, but first, we'll talk about Connecticut's spanking new brand identity campaign -- 'Still Revolutionary.'

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