The Nose: Chelsea Manning, Gender Identity, & Good Samaritans

Aug 23, 2013

We'll spend most of The Nose today talking about the drama of Chelsea a/k/a Bradley Manning and about series of citizen rescues that crackled through the news of the week. The Manning case brings up a complex series of issues, including the possibility that Bradley Manning's formal announcement that he is a woman and wants to be called Chelsea is at least 15 percent risky legal strategy. Manning is eligible right now for various forms of sentence reduction and clemency. He and his attorney may have gambled that, by bringing this up, they're providing the military justice system with further incentive to burp him out rather than engage in protracted and awkward debates about his proposed hormone therapy.  Meanwhile, on America's roadways, Dick Van Dyke's car burst into flames, a "mystery priest" offered prayer and comfort in Missouri and New Yorkers teamed up to aid a badly injured tourist. You can join the conversation. Email colin@wnrp.org or tweet us @wnprcolin.