The Nose Blows for Duck Dynasty, Netflix Adultery, and More

Dec 20, 2013

Phil's Phil-osophies for a Happy Life
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Here are the topics for The Nose today -- and this week we had to throw out a lot of perfectly good ones because there were so many:

We pretty much have to tackle the controversy around Duck Dynasty. One of the real life characters in the reality TV show gave an interview in which he aired his strong religious views, which included multiple denunciations of homosexuality as a sin.

There ensued the predictable fusillade of charges and counter-charges. Potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates jumped in to defend the guy and shore up their cred with the religious right. But this story has some other layers we hope to peel back.

We're also interested in a New York Times essay about the roots of happiness, and have you cheated on your spouse...with Netflix? Come on, tell the truth. How many sneak peeks have you taken of a show that you were supposed to watch with your spouse? Fess up. We know you couldn't wait until your mate was ready to see the final dance between Walter and Jesse. Did you fake it, hide it, or crumble under the lie?

Some topics that juuust missed the cut were about Affluenza, end-of-year lists, happiness, and Ross Douthat. 


  • Jim Chapdelaine is a musician, producer, composer, and recording engineer.
  • Carolyn Payne is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher who is also the co-founder of the contemporary ballet company CONNetic Dance.
  • Luis Figueroa is an associate professor of history at Trinity College.

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