The Nose: Bieber's Bust, Casting Peter Pan, and Scapegoating Maureen McDonnell

Jan 24, 2014

It was a fertile week for topics, but here at The Nose, we've boiled them down to four.

First, the decision by NBC to capitalize on its live Sound of Music ratings hit with a revival of the live TV Peter Pan. No cast has been announced yet, so that allows us to do some "dreamcasting. "

Second, the arrest of Justin Bieber the latest in a long line of misdeeds including public urination and monkey smuggling. How should we regard him?  As a slightly jerky 19 year old whose total cumulative bad behavior adds up to an average morning for Keith Richards or Ozzy Osbourne.  Or as a Canadian whose Visa would be revoked if he were non-white and.or non-famous?

Third, a controversy about the digitial Vogua magazine prettifying of Lena Dunham, possibly a violation of an unspoken compact we had with er.

Finally, the cherchez la femme elemnnt in the Virginia governor Bob McDonnell story.

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  • Jacques Lamarre - Director of Communications, Mark Twain House
  • Theresa Cramer - Editor, Writer
  • Luis Figueroa - Associate Professor of History at Trinity College.