Newtown Healing: Six Months Later

Jun 14, 2013

Today, we're broadcasting live from the offices of the Newtown Bee - a small, hometown newspaper that -like the rest of this community - was thrown into the national spotlight six months ago today.

The mass shooting that killed 20 young students and 6 educators launched a national conversation about gun violence and mental health.  But those conversations in Hartford and Washington seem still distant from this community, where the pain is still very fresh, and real and daily.

Memorial signs and structures are visible all over town, as are the green signs that read, "We are Sandy Hook: We Choose Love."

One of those signs is on the front door of the Bee.  A publication that's been serving this town since 1877. The walls are covered with memorabilia and old New Yorker Cartoons with Newtown-specific jokes.  Just around the corner, satellite trucks are lined up outside of town hall, awaiting a press event by Mayors Against Illegal guns, which is using today's anniversary to kick off a new push to urge congress to enact tighter gun laws.

But today, where we live, at the invitation of the Bee, we came to talk about how this community is coping and how it's changed.