New London Health Officials Issue Heroin Warning After Multiple Overdoses

Jan 29, 2016

Health officials have warned that a potentially lethal type of the drug is being sold in the city.

New London saw an unprecedented number of heroin overdoses Thursday, leading health officials to warn of a potentially lethal type of the drug being sold in the city.

According to the The Day, one person died and eight others were treated at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital after they overdosed Thursday. That followed three other hospitalizations on Wednesday. Doctors say they might normally see no more than one overdose case in a day.

It appears that a new supply has become available in New London. Emergency department physician Dr. Deirdre Cronin told The Day that addicts report the drug being sold is brown in color, and packaged in unlabeled sandwich bags. Those who overdosed said they had used no more than they usually would, but the drug appears to be either more potent, or to be mixed with some other substance.

New London police have interviewed the overdose patients in an attempt to track down where the supply is coming from.