New Information on the Newtown Shooter

Mar 29, 2013

Prosecutors in Connecticut have released new information about last year's deadly school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  One things appears clear: gunman Adam Lanza had easy access to weapons.

In the hours and days after the Dec. 14 shooting, Connecticut police searched the house Lanza shared with his mother and the car he left at the school. Now, under pressure from legislators and with the blessing of the state's governor, prosecutors have released an inventory of what they found.

Inside the house was an open, unlocked gun safe. It didn't appear forced open. They also found several guns, from shotguns to rifles, and all types of ammunition and magazines.

They found a smashed computer hard drive, a news clipping about a 2008 shooting at Northern Illinois University, and a holiday card from Nancy Lanza to her son, with a check. He was to use the money to buy himself a gun.

And they found at least three books -- one about autism, one about Asberger's, and an NRA guide to the basics of pistol shooting.

Lawmakers are still trying to come up with a bipartisan response to Newtown on guns, mental health, and school security. But Governor Dannel Malloy says the new information doesn't do much other than make more convinced of the need for tighter gun laws.

"So they brought these guns into a house in Newtown where a person who obviously was disturbed could easily have access to them and take them to a school and, in the course of five minutes, kill 26 people. That's what happened," said Malloy. "We should not be selling those weapons in our state any longer, we should not be selling those magazines any longer, we should have universal background checks, we should make sure that all guns are kept under lock in our state. That's the law that we should have and we should have it sooner rather than later."

Legislators say they could be ready for a vote on new gun laws, and other responses to Newtown, next week.