The New Haven Nose Prays For Arnold's Ratings

Feb 3, 2017

"Sneaky Pete" is a new show on Amazon Prime created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore (who created "House M.D."). Giovanni Ribisi plays a con man (whose name is not Pete, you see) who gets out of jail and moves to Trumbull, Conn., to live with Pete's grandparents (who are not his own grandparents, you see -- even though they don't know that). And then it gets more complicated from there.

Speaking of con men and television and getting more complicated: President Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday. Because this is the world we live in now, Arnold Schwarzenegger had to film a response for Twitter.

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  • Lucy Gellman -- A reporter for the New Haven Independent and host at WNHH
  • Mark Oppenheimer -- Editor-at-large for Tablet Magazine and host of the podcast Unorthodox
  • Mercy Quaye¬†-- Director of communications for New Haven Public Schools and the organizer of The Narrative Project

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Colin McEnroe and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.