New England Diner Breakfast Specials

May 21, 2014

Credit J.Knecht/flickr creative commons

The grill is out, so joy is here. Try our recommended chicken burger studded with chives. Or surprise your friends with a new kind of salad—grilled romaine slathered in olive oil to produce a char. 

If you're thinking steak or lamb, we have a zippy summer red for $15, plus a first rate trio of red, white, and rosé wines for all summer long. Delicious local diner dishes from The New England Diner Cookbook. And the pasta of your dreams, with brown butter, prosciutto, lemon, and cheese.

Wait, you have to check out the Thai Summer Rolls anyone can make, and O'Rourke's skillet hash recipe, and the Cinnamon Bun French Toast. Also, take a look at Anne Delo's recipe for Five-minute Artichoke Parmesan Pesto Chicken.

What can I say; everywhere we look, so much delight, and our mission is to share every bit of it with you.

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  • Chris Prosperi is chef and owner of Metro Bis Restaurant in Simsbury, Connecticut.
  • Alex Province is a wine expert and frequent contributor to the show.
  • Mike Urban is author of The New England Diner Cookbook.