Native American Mascot Controversy

Jun 21, 2012

We’ve got the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Hall High Warriors. So what’s in a name?

Hall High School in West Hartford has decided to change their logo, which previously depicted a profile view of a Native American. They will still be known as the “Warriors,” but without the Native American connection.

For years now, schools across the country have been transitioning away from Native American references. The St. John’s Redmen became the Red Storm. And just this week, voters gave the University of North Dakota permission to move away from the “Fighting Sioux” name.

Opponents of this change say that we’re becoming too politically correct and if anything, these names are honoring Native Americans.

Today, we’ll talk to some of the Hall High School students who pushed for this change. We’ll also hear from those in the Native American community about what these mascots mean to them.