Murphy Takes To The Streets For 108-Mile "Walk Across Connecticut"

Aug 15, 2017

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy has taken to the roadways of Connecticut for his second "Walk Across Connecticut," a chance to hear face to face from constituents about their concerns. Along the way he is holding daily town hall forums and eating at local restaurants.

Murphy started his journey Sunday in Killingly, and ended the day in Willimantic, where he participated in a vigil against the hatred and violence on display in Charlottesville. Later, he held a town hall meeting at Eastern Connecticut State University.

Speaking on WNPR's The Colin McEnroe Show, Chris Murphy said it's refreshing to hear about real concerns as he walks from town to town, not what pundits are talking about on cable news shows 24/7.

"People are talking about taxes, they're talking about wages. A lot of people yesterday and today are talking about schools," said Murphy. "It's not that a lot of people are bringing up Russia or Anthony Scaramucci to me as I am walking."

Murphy said he learned a lot from last year's "Walk Across Connecticut” -- not only about his state and its people, but how to make this year's walk a little more comfortable.

"I have learned to take care of my feet," said Murphy, "I wrap my feet twice a day with gauze and moleskin. If I send the message that I care about my feet and treat them very nicely, hopefully they will not revolt. So far it's working."

Murphy is reaching the halfway mark of his 108 mile journey across the state on Tuesday. The walk ends Thursday evening with a celebration in Danbury.