Mourning for Newtown

Dec 17, 2012

President Barack Obama and Governor Dannell Malloy spoke at an interfaith prayer vigil held last night in Newtown, Connecticut. As that community attempts to heal - we’ll be looking at how our entire state is dealing with this tragedy.

Last Friday the tragedy was unfolding as we were finishing up a lighthearted program about what makes Connecticut unique. As we heard from the President - this could have happened anywhere in America...and since he’s been president, it has.

But the fact that the name Newtown will now be uttered in the same breath as Tuscon and Columbine, Aurora, and Blacksburg does not change the fact that for this town...and this state...we are unique. Unique in our grief today - and unique in how we might move forward.

Today, we talk about our attempts to heal...about how others facing these nightmares have tried...about how to talk to our kids...and about what the nation might do to change.