Most Voters Don't Care About Municipal Primary

Sep 10, 2013

But they should. Especially in cities like New Haven and Stamford where voters have a chance to pick their next mayor. In the Elm City, this is a "watershed" race. Those are the words of Paul Bass, editor of the New Haven Independent. 

That's because longtime Mayor John DeStefano is finally not running for re-election. He's been the Mayor of New Haven for twenty years!

The time has come for a new Mayor at New Haven City Hall
Credit Photo Courtesy of Flickr CC by Jimmy Wayne

Listen below to Paul Bass talk about the importance of this mayoral primary. And he'll tell you no matter the result, the November 5 general election is just as important.

Av Harris, spokesman for the Connecticut Secretary of the State says about twenty percent of voters will show up today. In hot races like New Haven, a whopping thirty percent are expected. That's disappointing, don't you agree?