More Penalties for Speeding Through Work Zones

Oct 21, 2013

Connecticut has launched an "Obey the Orange" campaign to encourage safer driving in work zones.
Credit cgosnell90 / Flickr Creative Commons

Starting this month, Connecticut began imposing stiffer penalties against drivers who speed through work zones. The endangerment charge will be applied to motorists driving more than 75 mph or truckers going faster than 65 mph in a work zone.

Penalties for those convicted include:

  • Mandatory driver retraining program
  • Two-point reduction on license
  • Fines doubled

Terri Thompson is the transportation supervising engineer for the state's Department of Transportation. "We're going to be doing more enforcement, and want people to know that just because they see a state trooper's car on the median doesn't mean they won't come after you," she told the Stamford Advocate.

The new law provides more than $100,000 to state police to crack down on violations.

Information from the Associated Press included in this report.