Miss Manners Takes On Workplace Etiquette

Jul 21, 2014

Credit Penn State/flickr creative commons

The "doyenne of civility," Judith Martin, a.k.a. Miss Manners, has decided that the fast-changing modern workplace could use some tips on what is and is not okay. And she delivers it in her characteristic dry, witty way, in the book she has co-authored with her son, Nicholas Ivor Martin, Miss Manners Minds Your Business.

This hour, we ask Miss Manners:

  • What do you say to a colleague who has just been fired?
  • When should you be unavailable, at or away from work?
  • How do you maintain a family-friendly office without discriminating against the childless?
  • What's the difference between showing romantic interest and sexual harassment?
  • Which colleagues should be invited to one's wedding?
  • How do you handle a boss who tells lies?


  • Judith Martin, better known by the pen name Miss Manners, is an American journalist, author, and etiquette authority.


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This show originally aired January 28, 2014.