Mike Doughty and Carolyn Kuan

Oct 20, 2011

There are parallels -- and I don't think I'm forcing them -- between indie rock musician Mike Doughty -- whom you'll hear on the show today, and Mahler's first symphony, which Hartford Symphony conductor Caroyln Kuan will discuss in advance of performing it for the next four nights.

Doughty went from a job as the doorman at the avant New York club the Knitting Factory to the front man of the ultra-hip nineties band Soul Coughing. It was a great ride full of bad experiences. He headed toward the end of the decade a drunk and a junkie. His music always compelled people. Dave Matthews is a huge fan and helped relaunch Doughty's solo career, even putting out one of his records.

The often beautiful, moody contours of his songs also suited some of the television shows that were adding indie music to their episodes in very prominent ways, so fans of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Veronica Mars" stumbled on Doughty that way. Meanwhile, he kicked his habits. Today he's clean and mean. On this show, he talks about sobriety, and Carolyn sees some connections between Doughty and Mahler.

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Mike Doughty will be playing at Daniel Street in Milford TONIGHT at 8pm.

The Hartford Symphony Orchestra is playing at the Bushnell from Oct. 20-23rd.