Metro-North Conductor Apologizes to Passengers With a Letter on Seats

Feb 24, 2014

Credit Susan Sermoneta / Creative Commons

In an unusual move, a Metro-North conductor left a note on passengers' seats Monday morning apologizing for an express train on Friday that never came.

Michael Shaw said he put 500 copies of his written apology on seats after telling passengers at the New Haven, West Haven, Milford, and Stratford stations to wait for an express train that was later canceled. In his note, he said he was "shocked and furious."

"Last Friday 2/21," Shaw wrote, "train #1531 the 6:46 am local out of New Haven had trouble leaving the New Haven Yard because of a brake release problem. ...When we arrived at New Haven station Friday morning we were told that instead of the 6:52a express today 2/21 we were to run as the local train at 6:46a with 6 cars, even though the 6:46a calls for 10 cars."

Shaw said he was upset in part because he "made a huge mistake" by telling passengers to trust him and wait for the express train, not knowing Metro-North had canceled it.

Shaw is president of the Association of Commuter Rail Employees conductors' union. He told The Associated Press he felt a responsibility to apologize. A Metro-North spokeswoman did not immediately provide a response.

This report includes information from The Associated Press.