Message to Earl O'Garro: The State is Coming for Its Money

Dec 31, 2013

Earl O'Garro's Marlborough home.
Credit Town Of Marlborough

Lawyers for the state are moving to seize property owned by embattled Hartford insurance broker Earl O'Garro, according to the office of the state attorney general.

O'Garro is the owner of Hybrid Insurance Group, the broker that got $670,000 to pay insurance premiums on behalf of the city of Hartford. But while O'Garro got the money, he never paid.

It turns out he didn't pay other things, too: rent on his office space, a loan on his home, and payments on just under $400,000 he owes to the state. Those loans were to help move his business to Hartford and hire more employees. 

The state Department of Economic and Community Development has held O'Garro in default of those two loans. Now, the state attorney general's office says it's trying to get that taxpayer money back. But it also doesn't sound terribly confident that it will.

"Late last week, our office, working on behalf of DECD, obtained a court order to attach and seize property owned by Mr. O'Garro," the office said in a statement. "That order has not yet been served; while we will move as expeditiously as possible, it is too early in the process to predict whether, or how much of, debts owed to the state can be recovered."

O'Garro has troubles beyond the financial. A federal grand jury is investigating his finances and his business relationship with Hartford city hall and Treasurer Adam Cloud. City and school officials first brought this matter to light when they were concerned that O'Garro got city business at the same time he did business with Cloud's family.