The Media Fast

Aug 4, 2011

TwitterGoogleFacebookGmailGchatFlickerLinkediniPhoneiPad....ahhhhergh!  I think it might be time for a break. This week, we've been talking about technology and the internet, and how we consume it.  But what happens when it consumes us?

Tom Cooper’s Fast Media/Media Fast looks at “how to clear your mind and invigorate your life in an age of media overload.” But is this actually possible in this media saturated world?

Today, where we live, we'll look at a study about how hard it is to put down technology, even for a few days. We’ll talk with an expert about how to unplug, and hear from a listener who's embarked on a "media fast."  

Join the conversation: Is it really so bad to check email when having tea with Grandma?   The answer is yes.  Put...down...the smartphone...and enjoy some "traditional media".