Meatza: If Meatloaf and Pizza Had a Baby

Nov 27, 2013


What happens if you cross meatloaf with pizza? You get Meatza… okay, you get food legend James Beard's "Hamburger Pizza," a dish that always delighted his party guests because his "pizza" had no dough. This dish put us in such a good mood, we decided to make up one of our own for parties. It rocks—because it includes a layer of Parmesan mashed potatoes under the tomato sauce and toppings.

We also have some holiday party wines to recommend (listed below), affordable wines for a crowd, and some bubbly for a dinner party or romantic dinner for two.

No Bread Meatza (Hamburger Pizza)
(Make it any size you want)


1½ pounds ground beef
⅓ cup dry breadcrumbs (or gluten free)
¼ cup tomato sauce
1 egg
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
⅓ cup finely minced onion
1 teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon basil or oregano
Butter for greasing
½ cup tomato sauce
3 slices mozarella cheese
4 anchovy fillets (optional) 
12 Kalamata olives, pitted
¼ cup grated Parmesano Reggiano cheese
Optional: Parmesan mashed potatoes
Additional basil or oregano


(Note: Double this and use a sheet pan. Or use jarred pasta sauce you love. Feel free to use your own favorite pizza toppings, ground turkey instead of beef—have fun with it!)

  1. Combine the meat, crumbs, ¼ cup tomato sauce, egg, garlic, onion, and seasonings. Blend lightly but thoroughly.
  2. Butter a square of aluminum foil, place the mixture on it, and mold into a flat round cake until it looks like a medium size pizza. Shape a rim on the foil to keep the sauce from spilling over. (If using leftover mashed potatoes, spread a layer on top of the hamburger mixture.) Spread with ½ cup tomato sauce, slices of cheese, anchovy, and olives. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese and more basil and oregano to your taste.
  3. Slide the "pizza" onto a cookie sheet, foil and all. Bake at 450° about 15 minutes, or a bit less if you prefer your meat pink.

Faith's Recommended Party Wines at Around $15

If these wines are not on the shelf at your local wine store, please show them the ones you like and say the distributor is Frederick Wildman & Sons.

Lamberti Rosé Sparkler
Attitude Sauvignon Blanc (white)
Don David Cabernet (red)

Coquito Competition in New Haven
Friday, December 6
7 p.m. – 2 a.m.
Kelly's Pub, 196 Crown Street, New Haven, CT
Salsa music and dancing
$30 per ticket
Parking, Temple Street Garage

For entrees or ticket information (203) 469-4536
(Coquito is the treasured eggnog of the Puerto Rican community. Most recipes are family secrets.)

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