McMahon Presents Jobs Plan

Mar 15, 2012

Last year, Republican Linda McMahon ran unsuccessfully for the U-S Senate seat now held by Democrat Richard Blumenthal. She's running again -- this time for the seat being vacated by Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman.  WNPR's Jeff Cohen reports. McMahon -- the former wrestling executive -- held a press conference yesterday to present her six-point jobs plan.  The proposal includes a middle class tax cut for individuals and families, a reduction in the business tax rate, and an effort to restrain federal borrowing, debt, and spending.   "It would begin with a one percent real spending reduction each year -- just one penny out of every dollar.  It's just that simple." But during questioning, McMahon wouldn't say what she would cut. "Today I'm not saying that one percent out of spending -- I'm not designating where it comes from.  That one percent cut will come across all spending from government." Historically, McMahon has not polled strongly among women.  It's an issue her campaign is tackling.  Today's press conference was opened by Kathy McShane, who introduced herself as the proud chair of Women For Linda. "Linda gets it, she gets us, she was a working mom, she's engaged in her community, and she has actually taken the risk to launch her own business." Former Congressman Chris Shays is among McMahon's Republican opponents. For WNPR, I'm Jeff Cohen.