Malloy Will Run for Re-Election; Police Campaign Targets Distracted Drivers

Mar 28, 2014

Governor Dannel Malloy is running for a second term as governor. He made the announcement in Hartford today. Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman will also be running for re-election. Malloy said because of the need to begin the process of setting up the infrastructure for fundraising in order to qualify for public financing, he and Wyman couldn't wait until the end of the legislative session in May to get started.

Police departments from across the state have kicked off a week-long campaign to test out techniques for identifying texters as they drive by. The effort brought police from Redding, Ridgefield, Brookfield, Bethel, Newtown and the state police to Route 7 on Thursday. The initiative included Danbury and Monroe police targeting texting drivers in their respective towns as part of a national campaign.

Lawmakers Vote to Increase Malloy's Budget

Lawmakers voted on Thursday to slightly increase Governor Malloy's $19 billion budget that would take effect July first. With next week's vote on tax rates and rebates from the legislative Finance Committee, the spending package will be ready for closed-door final negotiations with the governor ahead of the May 7 deadline.

Bow Hunting on the Rise

Bow hunting in the state has increased to its highest levels. Officials with the department of energy and environmental protection say arrows killed more than 6,000 deer last year. Lawmakers are considering a further expansion of bow-hunting, to allow it on private land on Sundays, a day that is currently off-limits for hunting. Experts believe the reason for the shift to bows has to do with a growing concern over the number of deer and their Lyme Disease-carrying ticks.

Trinity College Names New President

Several hundred students, faculty and alumni of Trinity College greeted Joanne Berger-Sweeney on Thursday as she was named the college's first African-American and first woman president. Berger-Sweeney holds a doctorate in neurotoxicology from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She'll take office on July 1.